Midi Velocity Range

Hello Community.
I’m not actually a new Renoise user, but this issue I believe is not complicated to post in any other subforum.

So how can I select desirable range of MIDI velocities, capturing from my MIDI keyboard?

I mean, in preferences I can use Record&Play Filter (Velocities checkbox) for using or not using the power of my pressure on MIDI keyboard.
The problem is I want to use velocities but not from 0 to 127 range.
To get 127 I need to punch too rough - its completely impossible to record a long set with 110-127 velocities.

I would like to choose my own range (something like in Nuendo: MIN and MAX velocities, I press easy but it never sound quieter then MIN).
How can I manage this range in Renoise?

Thanx for Your help.

Hi Ulin,

your question is indeed interesting, but I don’t think this can be done inside Renoise for velocity values. It could be done for MIDI CC messages, in a quite awkward way, but not for velocity.

Actually, I think this is something which should be adjusted on your keyboard, expecially since it looks like you experience this issue with every application. It’s likely that your MIDI keyboard has a sensitivity control which would solve your problem at the source, avoiding to address the problem in every application you use.

edit: this will probably be possible with Renoise 2.6 scripting

It-Alien, thanx for such quick response.

Yes, its a good point to fix it in MIDI keyb and I explore my gear this evening, thank You.

Nevertheless, there are some specific goals to have such MIDI-range feature inside the DAW.
Especially for programming electronic instruments, for example, when filter of some acid-bass is dependent on pressure.
And I don’t really need any velocities less than (for exmpl) 50, because it gets too fuzzy, muddy.

Sure, I can use some Envelope amount at filter section inside the synth, but this feature is not always presented.

check out Velocity Device for this kind of tasks, but please note that here “velocity” is not exactly the same as MIDI velocity: you can use the Velocity Device even with non-MIDI instruments (XRNI, VST) and you can change velocity values at any time, while the velocity of MIDI instruments is constant and can only vary using aftertouch or channel pressure.

I thought you only wanted to remap your keyboard sensitiveness, that’s why I didn’t suggest you this device before

It-Alien, thanx a lot, I think my problems can be solved now.

“edit: this will probably be possible with Renoise 2.6 scripting” - its great to hear )