MIDI2MV : Controlling Master volume via MIDI (Windows)

Hello people,

i´d like to share a little tool of mine : MIDI2MV
and hope that it might be useful to anyone of you.

Since i always wanted to be able to control the master output of an audio interface via MIDI controller,
i made this little helper:


It features an OSD…


…and a MIDI-Thru option.

The MIDI-Thru is helpful if you have a MIDI loopback device installed (like loopMIDI).
So you can use that port as MIDI-In in Renoise for example.
(SInce under Windows a MIDI port can only be opened exclusively by any one application)

Startup options and OSD display duration can be set in the settings.

Please note that the project is rather old, so in case you find a bug - don´t hesitate to notify me.



Thanks for the share

This looks very slick. Thank!

I’m a fan of NirCmd https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/nircmd.html

I wrote a program that listens for OSC messages and converts them to Windows command-line (cmd.exe) invocations. And I have some scripts specifically for managing the selection of audio device and volume changes.

I find it super handy to able to change the audio device quickly when mixing/masters (e.g. jump among main monitors, mono Behritone, small Bluetooth speaker, etc.). Plus I can manipulate the PC volume from my laptop if I’m just listening to music or whatever. (I’ve a small script to generate and send OSC messages as well).

NitCmd is a very handy tool for simplifying Windows tasks.

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Updated to Version 2021.1.1.

The following parameters can now be controlled via MIDI :

  • Default Audio device (cycling back and forth)
  • Volume
  • Mute


Also SysEx is now supported.

I use the tool daily since i need to switch alot between internal and external audio devices. Also being able to quickly control volume via MIDI fader is quite handy.

Have a good one y’all !