Midiccdevice And Vst Knob Automation

I searched and read something about this, but I’m not getting it to work.

Can anyone tell me how to set this up (with reaktor 5)?

its a little tricky with reaktor because there can be so many knobs.
basically just add a vstiautomate meta device to the track your using with reaktor an set the source to the instrument that reaktor is on.
then the hard part is finding the knob that you want to control you have to go through the drop down menu an scroll through till you find the parameter.
theres other ways, but that would be about the quickest i think.

oh yeah an then once you have found the right knobs and names or parameters. then you go to the automation area an make you automation in the corresponding parameter area.

make sense?

Thanks, yeah I know about that one, I had just read that it was somehow possible and better for some reason to use midiCCDevice instead of vstAutomateDevice.

man thanks! doing it this way is so much easier! B)
all you have to do is rclick any knobs or sliders in reaktor an choose midi learn, then go an move a slider in the midiccdevice. booya! thats it. much more quicker then the one i described.
then just select the number you are using in the automation area.

same method works with some other vsti an vst effects also.

“It-Alien, struggling for MidiCCDevice usage since 2002” :ph34r: