Midiccfxdevice Thing

From the “new features poll”:

MIDICCFXDevice (Easy)
This will allow automating VST FX via MIDI CC and allows user to send a MIDI note via device as a MIDI note command on the track.

Can this be used to send midinotes to a VST-effect, for example a Vocoder or Prosoniq’s Magenta or Auto-tune? That would be so sweet. :P

yes, that’s what it’s meant for

Ok thanks :D

is this already here or is this planned?
i havent ever seen the poll area so thats why i have no idea what you 2 speak of

uh, never mind i just found it

heh well i found it, but now im trying to figure out if its still possible to vote?
and or did any of these get implemented?

As i understand - this is our old poll and it’s closed from 1.2 times.
And yes - many of voted features was implemented in newer versions !

Now we need completely new poll with new features propositions…
And it’s promised stright after 1.5 release :yeah: