MIDIController Change not sent ?

Hello Renoisers!

My problem is simple, I hope:

In my current track-in-work I placed a VST Instrument, that is documented

to support a certain controller event: CC20 7F (Controller 20, Value 127).

So I checked and set up things:

  • VST Instrument is set to do the desired operation by CC20 7F (configurable here)

  • I placed a MIDI-Control meta-device on the concerning track

  • The MIDI-Control is linked to the VST Instrument

  • The first Parameter after “(Pressure)” is set to controller number 20

and the value of 127(=7F)

  • The event is renamed to “PosReset” (maybe that info is irrelevant).

  • Now, in the pattern Editor the command to trigger that event is mapped

by Renoise to “43xx” (Device Commands). When I use that command

from Renoise’s menu, it is placed in the pattern editor, so I think it should

get fired while playing.

My question: Is my setup on the Renoise side correct ?

If I set up everything correctly, then I should ask the VST vendor.

Thanks for reading & regards,


You’ll need to elaborate what’s not working for you.

To automate a midi parameter of a vst synth simply select it in the instrument midi control, select the controller you want to automate in any slot, set it to CC if it isn’t, then use the slider to automate it.

Automation triggers a parameter change, if there’s no change, no automation occurs.

43FF - changed to FF if not already

4320 - changed to 20

4320 - nothing happens

4320 - nothing happens

Hello gova,

this EXACTLY was the solution! Thanks!

And for everyone, who faces that problem too: Place your “fancy”

controller changes, like the one gova gave here (i.e. “43FF”)

followed by your desired value, before the targeted instrument use.

Otherwise you could have the same effect as me, that your value

only sometimes seems to get in effect.