Midnight Sun - New Song

Lyrics written by myself and my brother


Good composition but I can’t understand nothing .You should redo the vocals and mix the track better and sing it not so low a bit brighter but no too much cause it might mess the whole atmosphere of the track.

I like the melody in the intro
nice build up
I like the guitars

Reminds me a bit of the first New Order record. It is a nice tune… But if you’re open for a bit of feedback read on. If not, ignore the rest.

The mix and mastering are a mess. It is a bit boomy and overall loud. But not the good way. It loud but not powerful, if you know what i mean.

Taking down all the compression that is going on down a notch would help, I think. Try to make some more space for the vocals. And the overall frequency balance could use some work still. It is all a bit muddy / foggy.

Anyway, thanks for sharing and I hope it is of some use to you.

Good one!! afaict it has nothing to do with

(which first came to mind cos of the title) …but i just listened to 2 really good tracks in a few minutes :smiley:

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Hey, you’ll be pleased to know I did take on board your advice though I never posted back then…the finished version I released was much less boomy :slight_smile: One day I’ll update the soundcloud version lol

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