Midnite '84


5 points to anyone who recognizes the main sample source.

I can’t recognize, but i love the track :)

michael jackson perhaps ??

No, it’s pretty obscure to be honest. Even with the hints “1984” and “Midnight,” it’s going to be quite impossible, unless you happen to be from the right part of the world and the right age.

A-ha? …no wait, they’re swedish :confused:

A-ha are actually Norwegian, like me. But the artist I have sampled is Danish. The song came out in 1984. It’s not an artist I particularly like, but there are parts of this one song that I always thought would work in a dance track.

You’re nver gonna get it. It’s this:


love the synth. :)

Ah, I would’ve spotted it. Just the right age/country combination, I guess!!

Love your song, btw. Structured like a dancefloor bomb, but with enough time to let you absorb the details, as opposed to “we only have 30 seconds to show what we can do”.
It’s the sort of thing a good DJ can drop once there is enough confidence in the room :slight_smile:

Color me curious: did the sample trigger your imagination, or did you slap it in later on in the process?

The sample was the starting point, and bits of that KL song runs through 99% of the track, but it ended up a lot less prominent than I had imagined it would.

It’s a great vibe. Super-Duper! :guitar:
Magnificent work! :walkman:

Cheers, guy. I followed you back on Soundcloud.