Mies Puussa (Ambient?)


Now this is a little more beat-driven than what I usually make, but either way I’m looking for tips to add psychedelic effects to my music in general. Suggestions for vst effects and how to use mixing/panning/whatever etc. are welcome as well as tips for “cleaning up” a little! Hope you like the track.

Its nice dark ambient. I like it.

Ideas? Try some detuned effects from abakos vst (phobos landing [FX] under hex number DC, I tried and this preset fits here perfectly), and some S.O.S signal in some parts modulated by filter. This ambient is like some distant signals some small thing can give boost do psychedelia you looking for :)

I’d actually call it Deep Techno more, but very nice track in any case. It could use some more sounds to the low-mid range, seems to have quite a dent in the spectrum there :)

Thanks. I tried what you suggested and I’m not really feeling it to be honest, gets a little too “extra-terrestrial” for my tastes and I can see how it would fit here, it does, but it’s not quite the kind of a vibe I’m looking for. That’s an awesome synth by the way and it’s free as well! I will be using it in the future, thanks!

Thanks. I really have no idea when it comes to genres, it’s gotten so specific and I listen to way too much music to keep up. I try to use lower frequencies with caution, I used to have a big problem with having way too much and you couldn’t tell one thing from another so maybe I’ve gotten a little over-cautious. I’ve been focusing more on higher pitched sounds as well, so I haven’t been paying as much attention to anything else.

Could recommend a good spectrum analyzer/etc with which I could monitor things like this? I’m going by the Renoise master spectrum, but mostly by ear.

This is a “final” version of this, a little slower and some tweaking, not much, but I like it a little slower.