Migrating Renoise (& everything else) from old to new PC

Hi there

I am about to upgrade my trusty decade-old Windows 7 Thinkpad to a more modern Windows 10 one.

It looks as though the way to go is to use migration software such as the ones outlined here, perhaps LapLink PCmover or EaseUs Todo, to get Renoise (and everything else, including plugins, Reaper, documents, etc) from the old Thinkpad to the new one.

Has anyone used migration software to update their music PC and how has it gone for you? Any tips and tricks gratefully received!

Thank you.

I think I’ve used a paid version of Paragon in the past, but it’s been a while. I think I was migrating to better hardware, or maybe just a larger drive. So I don’t think I was trying to migrate individual files; it was basically the whole disk, OS and all. And then at some point I upgraded my Win7 machines to Win10.

Since you’re setting up a new machine you shouldn’t have to worry about backing up the current one (though doing backups is a generally good routine).

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Is starting fresh not an option? I know it’s a ball ache but migrating drives with software on isn’t always reliable, if it’s just files etc that’s a lot more straightforward.


Thanks, both. I went for EaseUs Todo in the end. Had a bit of a false start with it as the ethernet cable I bought was not a “crossover” one so it didn’t work! Trying again tonight with the correctly “twisted pair” version. Wish me luck…

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every modern ethernet hardware doesn’t care about ethernet cable style.