Miguel Torga - Tenho Os Azuis - Techno / House / Blues

new track up:

tenho os azuis…


hope you’ll like it.


Well… it sounds competently put together, I like many of the sounds, but overall I’m not into this kind of techno, so it’s hard to comment.

ahwwww… the horrible truth …im competent. eheheh :) …maybe you could comment on the mix ? production technique…dunno…anyways thanks for the effort taken in posting some words.

This voice-sample is awesome! Overall mix and structure, very nice. Break with wha-wha guitar and swamp-noise suits my mood. What I do not like personally is this over-and-over building tension (which is technically very well done) but no real climax, like everything-goes-crazy-for-ten-seconds for example. Makes me sad afterwards, like there was something missing. But the voice is great. Mmmm-mmm-mmmmmmmm.

P.S.: Listening for a second time now and I like it better. Mmm-mmm-mmmmm. Your use of delay is really cool. Perhaps I’ll listen some more…

nice you liked it :) …thanks a lot for the kind words.