Mik Mak [Experimental EDM]

(BrainClaim) #1

Cooperating with my friend Asfingash, we managed to create another weird and experimental EDM, can’t clasify it properly though, I hope You like it, any cons or pros will be appreciated, enjoy!

Asfingash’s page: https://soundcloud.com/asfingash


Sounds solid, nice! I’d probably call this techno, but I don’t listen to much techno so I’m not totally sure.

(BrainClaim) #3

Thanks for the reply, I was considering labeling the track as techno too but then i realised that techno usually is slower in bpm

(lilith) #4

Sounds great and punchy! Mixing is also top notch. The style goes more into the Chemical Brothers, Chrystal Method, etc. direction than “plain” techno imo. Yes / No?


Well, I don’t know what kind of music that is (yes, probably too slow for Techno), but I like it! Pretty punchy and driving.

(k23cz) #6

I believe it could be hardtek. Track seems to have similar elements. Liking it.

(BrainClaim) #7

Thanks guys, hardtek is about 20 points bpm higher usually so it is not but it is something between techno and hardtek, we can’t deny that :slight_smile:

(k23cz) #8

Yeah, if it is nice to somebody, genre does not matter :slight_smile: