Mike Patton & Metropole Orchestra

“Mike Patton’s new project is called Mondo Cane, a collection of covers of Italian pop songs from the '50s, '60s and '70s. With a fancy haircut and slick suit, Patton acts like a charismatic singing show master. On the other side he sings with his well known screaming voice and experiments with electronica. This makes Mondo Cane a schizophrenic and surprising project.”

Excellent stuff.

Awezom :drummer:

Mike Patton…the afx of rock and other assorted music.

Just saw it last weekend at rock music festival in finnland…but, it wasnt that good. like venetarian snares, I dont understand the hype around…


AFIAC, the hype surrounding Mike Patton cannot be seen at all from this series of performances.

Check these out:

and perhaps this one:

He used a local orchestra in Finland, maybe they weren’t up for it?

He also did voice over for “I am legend” and a few games, here’s an interview with the guy…


my spoken words after this was: “HEH” and i still smiled during writing this.
progressive is life.

Yes, love this record.