Milkytracker 1.04

Milkytracker 1.04 released, if anyone is interested.


This is a really cool tracker, but it lacks development. It’s a pity that it doesn’t even have basic synthesizers. Yes, demoscene is an important cultural phenomenon, but this movement also needs to progress to avoid ending up in the annals of history. I’m closely following these projects, but for expressing my ideas, this software is simply insufficient at the moment.

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I suggest using Milky Tracker X instead… some features from X have made it over to 1.04 but there’s more features in X, including the ability to run external scripts.

I’d love to see milky tracker get more features, but a synthesizer isn’t on my wish list, I have renoise and a CRAP TON of VST’s, I’m more interested in sampling and the sample editor, maybe some sort of integrated scripting would be great, even better to where some of these great renoise tools could be ported. But even as is the scripting is really nice since it can call up external programs and pass audio to them, I think that’s pretty nifty.

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