Milkytracker V.0.90.50 Released

New versions available:
Linux (x86, x86_64, PowerPC, ARM Zaurus, GP2X),
Windows 9x/Me, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows CE Handheld PCs and the Gizmondo

New imported module formats:
DBM (DigiBooster), GMC (Game Music Creator), IT (Impulse Tracker)

Low-latency audio driver support:
ALSA on Linux, ASIO and DirectX on Win32.

New features:
MIDI-in, module optimizer, noise generators, selectable fonts, more…

Why is it funny? There are many Renoise users who are also MilkyTracker users. I’m one of them ;)

I don’t find it any funny either…?! Milkytracker is the choice for FT2 cloning. Really great XM support, now for Linux too, so that lots of my “I use Linux and don’t want to see Windows again, so bye bye trackers” friends could do tracking again

Hmm. More and more reasons not to use MPT anymore… Great work :)

thanks for the info, been eagerly awaiting that update :)

and of course milky is not meant to compete with renoise.
it merely fills a gap, which renoise was never meant to fill.

For an XM alternative it will be a good support, though Impulse Tracker was far more supreme imho and if it works under Linux without delays i would set this one as a big plus.
Though the limited 16/8 bit sample support doesn’t make it really professional.
And there is not many other pro software that works under Linux so that rewire could be used there as well. Actually the rewire support is pretty much wasted time if the user decides to use Linux only.

I dont use linux but I remember that they have JACK as rewire like virtual audio cable. There are also some sequencers under linux that uses JACK… anyway a Linux user could enlight us about available audio programs :)

Hehehe Milkytracker looks so “back-in-the-days”… bet it’s alot better to have .xm competitions with that than with Renoise…

For prof. music though, i prefer renoise

Yeah, Milkytracker is awesome. I still occasionally enter tracker compos on IRC / demoparties, or make demo soundtracks for platforms that don’t eat mp3/ogg that well, and Milky is really the program of choice for all that work.

At least it sure beats FT2 in Dosbox easily :)

Considering that Renoise can’t save XM? Yah… I’d say so :P