Milkytracker V.090 Released!

Hey guys :)

The most accurate XM tracking experience since FT2, is here!

  • All FT2 effects and tools implemented.
  • FT2/XM playback near perfect.
  • Protracker 2.x, 3.x modes for better MOD replay.
  • Aditional FT2 shorcuts.
  • and tons of new tools and improvements for discover!

Available for Windows XP/2000, Mac OSX and Pocket PC

list of changes:

  • Improved mixer, improved FT2 effect compatibility (especially tremolo, tremor, vibrato)
  • Scopes (finally) (only for Desktop versions)
  • Configurable colors (config->layout)
  • Disk writer (Ctrl+R)
  • FT2 like pattern follow: cursor line always in center center
  • Prospective mode and toggle follow song mode
  • Volume scale (Shift/Alt/Ctrl+V like FT2)
  • Load GUS patches (needs to be loaded as instrument)
  • Load every file as sample (good for making noise samples)
  • Dozens of sample filters
  • Reworked GUI (especially menus)
  • Sample offset can be shown in sample editor
  • Drawing samples (but remember to turn on looping, otherwise doesn’t sound good ;))
  • Toggle Hex count for rows in pattern editor
  • Show zero effect as 00 instead of dots (see config->layout)
  • Improved Protracker 2.x, 3.x replay modes (see options)
  • Skip through song while it’s playing (with cursor keys or scrollwheel)
  • Time length calculation/play time meter
  • Peak meters
  • Sequencer button (see order list)
  • Hold the Alt Key in the sample editor to move entire loop not only loop/end
  • Tons of other fixes…
  • More things to find out…

Thanks to all people that helped giving bugs here :D

nice! gonna give it a go asap :D

the scopes, the centered pattern follow, the custumizable colors, etc … milky grows up! :)
i already found one (little) bug though:

  • when customizing the colors via options -> layout -> colors, the presets (A-F) do always affect the desktop color, although you might have already switched to “foreground text”, “highlighted text” or whatever else you can choose.

for playing .xm’s, this is really great and fortunately milky does not emit the awkward, gui-related aura of modplug tracker, which is also pretty good at playing back ft2 stuff.

hey Keith… check again… is not a bug :)

we are using same white colour for “foreground text” and “highlighted text”… so is the cause you dont notice colour changes…

select for example “patterns instrument” “pattern effect”, “pattern volume” and you will notice that colours change on each preset :)

anyway you can modify the presets settings and chose the colours you prefer… :lol:

Milkytracker is indeed shaping up nicely.

So when’s ‘render selection to sample’ coming to MilkyTracker?, it’s a really useful feature.
What about ‘create empty sample’/‘set lenght by typing’ so we can start drawing samples instead of loading them ;)
Custom ‘Keyrepeat/Delay’ would be nice.
And ‘Sample Recording’ from available audio sources.

Maybe i should join the milky forum too and post my ideas there ;)


oh ok, so these presets are global ones affecting and memorizing color settings for all changeable entities, thought they were independant from each other - my fault, pardon me :)

after some further usage, here are some other “complains” though: :)

  • something about the portamento to note effect is not 100% identical in terms of speed compared to the ft2-norm. will do some more in-depth research towards this for a more detailed description.

  • is it possible to make pattern scrolling more fluent when using the follow mode? CPU resources shouldn’t be the problem, as the load barely exceeds 20% whatever i throw at milky, but still the scrolling is pretty jumpy. :blink:

  • enabling and disabling channels via trackscope-clicking tends to behave strangely when the dual-mousebutton click for solo’ing a channel has been used beforehand. left-mouseclicks then just seem to get ignored until the right mousebutton has been clicked again.

samu wrote:

Its working now.
On sample editor right click with mouse a select “new”… then enter sample lenght ;)

Write these suggestions on milky forum :)

Keith wrote:

Hey yes… do more tests and if you have example tunes… plz go to milky forum and post some bug module example or way for reproduce bug…

On windows version you will have to wait for the ASIO drivers implemented and mimimal delay … at moment… you can use a scrolling style with only play row moving (I use it). I know that is not FT2 way… but there is no delay for eyes ;)

Hey try to find a way for reproduce it plz

by the way, how many chances there are about a Linux port?