Mindflex Hack Turns Brain Waves Into Music

this is impressive.

His brain`s obviously on windows drivers with that latency…

cool vid though :)

I was wondering about that too,
only possibility I could think of is being recorded may have made his brain more active.

I would guess that it takes quite a lot of thought to get your overall brainwave freq going up and down like that, so it`s not like you think up and you get a sudden response.

I guess the tech will improve over time though and be able to focus more on neurons firing rather than just overall brainwaves.

he used a toy from Mattel to get the “brain input” which already does all the job for him. I think he just connected the powermeter of the toy to the vintage synth. Probably it would be much more difficult to do with a modern one.

I’m also not sure this toy actually works with brainwaves: being headphone-shaped, it could even measure blood pressure, heat or something else which increases with thinking; this would also explain the delay

From what I can tell in the first video, he is using the fan voltage of the mindflex for VC on the Moog.
This is a feature of modern midi controllers that support foot controllers.
Earlier I read through a lot of comments on hackaday, http://hackaday.com/tag/mindflex/

The ear clips are apparently being used for grounding.

The chip is built from Neurosky, Neurosky has a few versions, the developer version with free API is $200 with a license of 1 year.

But, looking through the agreement the 2nd year is $1,500