Mindsync - Renoise Projects (Digital & Vinyl releases)


I have an alias Mindsync with most of the stuff composed in renoise (with self created hardware recorded samples mostly, and often synced with hardware)
I’ve setup a bandcamp page to put unreleased stuff as a free download for all.

This is the latest release “First Projects” all composed in renoise:

The first release was a vinyl split ep with a guy from ukraine (motoblok) on “Subsonic Records 005”

Hope you get the chance to sync in and enjoy.



Hi, Half an Half from the first projects release is now supported by “Dave Clarke” :

White Noise #777:

  1. Umwelt - Horizon Lost [New Flesh Records]
  2. LectrO cOd_E - Randomized Funk [Woodwork Recordings]
  3. Cestrian - Forgotten Corner [Beat Concern Recordings]
    04. MindSync - Half an Half
  4. Dez Williams - Flukt [Elektronik Religion]
  5. TML - UND0 (Henning Baer Remix)
  6. Lloyd Stellar - Won’t Survive [Crobot Muzik]
  7. Ford Foster - Citizens
  8. The Droid - Tension [upcoming on Urban connections]
  9. Flyora - Bottled Up (The Droid Rewire)
  10. Robodroid - Make Electro Dark Again [Crobot Muzik]
  11. London Modular Alliance - The Last Ninja [Longhaul]
  12. Plant43 - Hydraulic Machines [Plant43 Recordings]