Mini Rotary Dials for Volume and Pan in the Instrument Selector

I would love to see the instrument selector enhanced with introduction of either Mini Rotary Dials or up and down dragable values in the box do be quickly able to change instrument gain and pan settings and possibly also into the spectrum / analyzer view.

Dials: would simply change volume or pan

Box Idea: the outer border would flash if it receives a midi notes, inner green area can be dragged up or down to adjust gain, instrument can also be muted here through a shortcut click which strikes the box through

I think this would be ace to enable not just a quick workflow, but also an oldschool one, where you can in theory not care about tracks or effects and just keep it simple.

there have also been ideas floated around with a collapsable mixer view, but I think being able to quickly set instrument gains and pans across the board, without having to select the instrument first and then going into the advanced setting, would actually be more useful.

Also wouldn’t mind if it was possibe to show instrument macros here :wink:




Another Idea I had would be to make trackvolume adjustable by dragging up/down on the colored track header bar.

mockup (see track 9):

track volume