Minimal Electro

hey i know this question is rather stupid and seems lazy, but im having a horrible time finding the right sounds or vsts for stuff like this (watch the whole video there is two different songs)

i have so many sample and loop packs from around kvr, google,ect,

but i just cant find the right sounds, and please forgive me for sounding whinny but im tired of sampling loops. perhaps i havnt searched for the right thing?

anywho i was wondering if other could share their knowledge with me. (=


btw forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this

Ever thought about what minimal music and especially minimal techno actually is? Have you ever done any mental work on the word “electro”? Or do I have to assume you were talking about (minimal) electronic music in general? For me, the last song sounds more like Acid/House in a commercialcore-way and here is where you can start, sampling tb-303.

I don’t think the sounds in those videos are (to my ears, anyway) obviously any synth or drum machine in particular.

If I were you I’d get a free synth like Synth1 or buy LennarDigital’s Sylenth1 and start preset surfing until you find something close to what you’re looking for and tweak it to taste.

Friends of mine are into minimal, this is all pretty analog. Think Doepfers, macbeths and ofcourse the cheaper electribes. :walkman:

It’s an expensive genre to make :lol:

Here’s alot of those synths: vintage synths

btw, huoratron is NOT MINIMAL ;)

Oh my, what has the world come to when a number like the last one gets branded minimal. To my ears, that’s about as maximalist as it gets. ;)

If you want to create this type of sound, more important than anything is to understand compression. Heavy use of compression is pretty much what defines these tracks. Most of the sounds themselves you should be able to get from free or cheap synth VSTs. There’s no need for Doepfers or Macbeths!

Apart from the drums, you shouldn’t really be going looking for samples, it’s mainly a synthesizer-based sound.

I just wanted to add that I have experienced your connundrum before, let me tell you that you can waste a lot of time searching for the “right” synth, the right vst…etc.

Most sounds in electronic music are based on a few waveforms basically---------sine,triangle, square, saw. Thats it.

You have variations of course, plus upmteen wavetable waveforms…however, all sounds are variations or permutations of the above with more or less harmonics.

In many cases you can create most of your desired sounds within one synth. Much of what one looks for in sounds may have a lot to with envelope shaping,filter shaping/automation, and modulation.

If you spend the time figuring why you like certain sounds and how to create them with the tools you have, you can save a lot of time.

Nothing wrong with using presets, however, it can often be quicker to create your meat and potato sounds from scratch as sometimes these sounds are simpler than they actually sound.

There are tons of great free synths out there- U-he Zebra, Lin Plug Alpha etc all have uncrippled free versions available and are more than suitable for all types of electronic music. :walkman:

Defo not minimal; Powernoise no??

A lot of his sounds are videogame type-sounds, he uses gameboys etc for some of his work…the chip xrnis in Renoise would be more than suitable for this

If I think minimal, I think Minilogue and that sort.