minimalist pop hip hop stuff... (Renoise 3)

Is this bass heavy? Its kind of supposed to be heavy on the bass, but not bass heavy… anyways, “I have a master plan!!” Hahahahaha ( just kidding )

Uses a lot of version 3 features. Its just a demo, more like messing about, its not supposed to be a fully complete and all the way produced up tune.

100% composed/mix/master in Renoise

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks for listens

wow ,this gets boring verry soon .

the hip hop vocals are missing, when they are great, it gets cool, i guess

can’t tell if it’s bass heavy, my speakers cost $10

Maybe you could try to ad lil’ bit more variation in yourtrack .
definitily need to upgrade you monitoring system if you think it’s lacks bass/treble…quality headphones will do the job …

Yeah :slight_smile:

All my stuff is still missing vocals. There is like a whole huge piece of the puzzle that I have not been able to put together yet. Hopefully I’ve got this all figured out sooner than later.

Thank you for the listen


Eventually, I’m going to add vocalists… Its not ready yet… You will see, you will see.

Thanks for the comment

B) B)