Minimize Track View

There is a new conception 3.0 with new feature can be done in 2.7:

1912 minimize_track.png

Generally for send-tracks, but also for sampled audio or just “locked for edit” tracks.

looks sweet

Awesome!! Why not?

Imo, every track should have a show/hide channel strip AND there should be a global show/hide channel strips (for good customizable views). The global show/hide should override the track setting but without setting its value.

I’m struggling to imagine when I would find this useful.

I’m taking this as a compliment!

  1. The current horizontal dsp chain is a bit of a bad design. It easily looks cluttered and is not very intuitive to navigate.
  2. At least I tend to never use the current mixer console. This is due to the habit of always wanting to see the pattern data when playing.

Zeds suggestion solves both these problems to me, and it looks beautiful as well.

Well, generally, I thought it’s going to be obvious, but:

  1. Compact track view you don’t edit at the moment.
  2. Bring the send tracks DSP to one-click distance from the track source.
  3. Compact vocal or fully sampled tracks
  4. Bring the vocal tracks to one-click distance for mastering from anywhere
  5. Visually see near-track automation synced to pattern-view.
  6. Smooth the design differences between pattern and mixers view. (Later versions could continue the smoothing)