Minimum System Requirements For Renoise?

I’m thinking about getting an inexpensive laptop for tracking sometime, and I need to know how cheap i can go as far as system specs. What is the slowest possible computer that will still run Renoise (and a few vstis) decently?

anybody have any personal experience with running it on a slow system? I’m thinking of getting somewhere between 600mhz - 1ghz, with between 64-192mb ram.

thanks for the input :)

i think that all you should have is 1204*768 video resolution to run renoise. As for the CPU and RAM it depends on what vsts you will use and how big samples you will load up. Renoise itself uses very little recourses.

my 2ndary PC which basically fulfills the purpose of a 24h internet gateway/router/firewall, is a P3 866 clocking at 1Ghz with 512MB PC133 SDRAM.
i’d say such a configuration would be the absolute minimum if you also plan to have at least “some” fun with things like realtime synthesis / effect processing.
you should be able to get a 2nd/3rd hand pentium 1,2Ghz + 256-512mb laptop for around 400EUR… so this would be my recommendation, although even weaker systems will actually run renoise… but if that makes any sense and if FT2 wouldn’t be the better option then, is up to you.

when I go at demoparties, I use ReNoise on my Celeron 466 with 192MB RAM notebook.

Of course I can’t even think at using VST stuff, but at “working” quality it is still usable.

I hope you will buy a better notebook than mine :)

I have TOSHIBA TECRA 9000 laptop (pIII-1.2ghz / 1gb ram / echo indigo io pcmcia audio card) - so RNS runs perfect.
I use this rig for live shows too…
So about 15-20 samples running the same time + 2-3 VSTis + 3-4 VSTfxs - its ok.

p.s. by the way, i use reaktor5 as VSTi…so, everything runs perfect.

p.s.s. Also i use another software live setup sometimes…its SKALE (as main sequencer, sound mangler with VSTfxs) tracker and REASON as sampler and synth and this setup runs very perfect!!!

My previous pc was a Pentium III 700 Mhz, 384 MB Ram, for Midi only it worked fine; but using vsti + effects you can forget it.

Pentium III 700mhz sucks, cuz its coppermine core. Pentium III 1.1-1.2 have tualatin core it another processor. And u had 300+mb ram. It sucks too. Winxp needs 512 (1gb better) mb ram minimum for normal work.
So my PIII 1.2ghz and 1gb ram with echo audio card (which is mixing audio stream using its own hardware and 24bit…) doing the work perfectly.

So…whatever. Dont tell shit about “only midi” and “no vsts”.

Blah, 1.2GHz AMD Athlon w/ 256MB RAM, XP and practically nothing but VSTs.

I forgot to say…i own a PIII laptop…not a desktop.

That’s not true. I used this configuration for 2 years for every-day work and programming without any problems. Furthermore I used it for recording and renoise with midi only. Maybe you first should check out such a system by yourself before posting your not less brown things.

my older powerbook G3 400 / 512mb runs renoise pretty solid, as long as you keep # of tracks and dsp reasonable. the 12" G4 867 with 1.2gb is much better but still nowhere near a similar vintage PC if you want to use VSTi and lots of dsp. the interface just feels sluggish on the Mac for some reason, like the keyboard doesn’t always respond as you would expect a tracker to, but it’s useable and still a fairly early version. I’m anxious to see what renoise 1.6 will be like on 2nd rev intel macs. :D