Mininova doesn't give any sound in Renoise

I cannot get any sounds out of my Mininova. I have all the drivers installed. When I put a headphone directly in the Mininova, I can hear everything, but when I use USB on my laptop as USB/MIDI output, while having the Mininova selected as input device, I hear nothing. Even when I select the VST Mininova, it gives me the message: “This plugin does not output audio”.

I also tried a MIDI cable output towards my audio interface (Tascam US-16x8) and two rear panel jack sockets (output left & right) to the input of it, but still no sound.

Can anyone help me out please?

AFAIK the mininova only transmits midi over USB, not audio (I have one actually, but it is currently not connected). It does not work in Linux however. The Ultranova does transmit audio.

You should be able to select your mininova as midi-output device in this dialog and then hear the notes played in Renoise from the headphone connected to the mininova. Does that not work?


I think “This plugin does not output audio” is not meant to display as an error, it’s just intended as a reminder.