Minor: Open Last Song On Startup

I find myself creating a shortcut on my desktop to my most recent XRNS - the one that I am working on.
I think it may be nice to have an “Open Last Song on Startup” checkbox in the misc group, in the Plugs/Misc preferences tab.

+1. this would be nice.

Renoise already takes you to the last directory you looked in the disk browser when you start up.
Enough for me.

Doesn’t this option already exist? I believe it was, can’t remember where… I remember loving it for awhile.

Yeah, not that helpful eh… oh well…

no application in the world does such a thing… imagine that you need to open another song and then you have to wait for the latest song to load, then open the other song… the “file => open recent saved song” menu entry is sufficient, in my opinion.

also, you can sort the files by date in the disk browser.

as a last resort, you should put a shortcut to your songs directory on the desktop and doubleclick on the desired song.

in my opinion the option you are asking for would be a bad design idea

yes, that’s what I was talking about

As a workaround, you can always save your current song as the default template song.

Song Settings -> Save Template Song

Which is already there.