minor request: mono button on master w/ on/off shortcut

This is just a minor wish, and I know not all wishes can come true…

A mono button on the master bus, with a on/off shortcut (pressing once on, pressing once off), like this:


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EDIT: or like this:

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It’s simple to do this with a Stereo Expander device with Expand set to Mono and Mono Mix set to L+R.

5898 renoise-mono-check.png

(Not saying that this isn’t a good idea, I’m simply pointing out that it’s already possible and quite easy to incorporate into your workflow)

hey dblue, yes of course. i do this like this, too :slight_smile: didn’t want to say it’s not already possible. only wanted to mention it could be considered as a master bus included functionality…


If this would be considered at some point, of course it would be helpful to have a multiswitch like this:


on master bus…