Minor Ui Glitch In Automation View

1936 minor UI glitch.png
if you look carefully at the scrollbar, you will notice that the arrows are a little bit smaller than they should be.
also, there is a little glitch in the scrollbar background, which goes a couple of pixels too far on the left.

but the main problem is that there is not a clear definition of the boundary between the scrollbar and the automation view.
if for example I click where the mouse pointer is placed in the above picture, I would expect to place a new automation point on the automation view, but no: the scrollbar is actually moved as if I clicked on the scrollbar area.

it would be good to have a tiny horizontal line which shows the boundary between the two views; one like the other horizontal bars which are visible on the automation view; also, having arrows of proper size (i.e.: slightly bigger) would lead to less confusion

With what theme is this? I’m not getting the uneven left border here.

OK, I see. The left border glitch only happens if a grid line is sitting just at the edge of the view.

The size of the arrow buttons is the same throughout Renoise so is more of a feature than a bug. ;)

hehe, but the fact that the arrows are smaller than the scrollbar height causes some confusion when trying to add points on the bottom of the automation view. Nothing vital, of course.

Got to admit there have been points (pardon the pun) where I’ve intended to insert a point on that bottom line but scrolled instead. I’m with It-Alien on this one.