Minute Of Arc - Made Of Amber

Not just a song, but an entire album I made with Renoise. All sounds were sampled from my hardware equipment and processed and arranged in Renoise.

The album was recorded in 2014, but has only been released this month. I’ve held on to it like it was the holy grail of electronic music, but after being shelved by one label and passed by another it’s time to let it out in the wild.

From the liner notes:

“These tracks have been meticulously arranged and produced in order to make the best music I can, without musical constraints or boundaries defined by genres. The recording process took nine months in total, weeks were spent on tweaking and adjusting a song until it sounded finished to me. Each song had to have a perpetual momentum, a certain energy from start to finish. This dedication to sound and arrangement has led to a style of producing that suited me really well, being somewhat of a perfectionist and attentive to details, I was able to put all of my creative energy into this album.”

“Made Of Amber” is available for purchase on Bandcamp:https://minuteofarc.bandcamp.com/album/made-of-amber


fly low - nice beats and ambience

Antios - nice beats

High Rise - i like the acid vibe. :slight_smile:

I Like it! Some tracks reminds me a bit the Autechre and Two lone Swordsman. Nice work!