Mirosoft Ad From The 90s


o_O … no, wait… :panic:


( I’m guessing they made this ad on an Amiga)


Don’t be be fooled by the first couple of minutes; the crazy kicks in at about 2:15.

the a-team music in the first half is really cool though.

wow, this really sucks. it’s too bad they couldn’t have found a better rapper.

freeing up an additional 45k of memory! awesome!

i will NEVER miss the days of conventional memory limitations and repeatedly editing config.sys/autoexec.bat just so i could have enough free memory to run a game or demo

device=emm386.exe RAM

no thank you

Kinda disturbing… the faceless boss, plus the slogan “the soul of the new machines”… bah!

Stuff like this is why I’m ashamed to be a white Computer Programmer

I couldn’t watch it after she started rapping… Seriously, I just wanted to crawl under my bead or something! Oooargh… The horrid crap some people get PAID to do!

thanks for posting those.
next time i wanna hurt someone and get all aggressive i know what to watch beforehand.

I was kinda hoping she would strip or atleast open a few jpegs to spice it up… :blink:

i am looking for FIRST ad in the world) any body have this one?