Mirror's Edge

thought i would make a thread for it cuz it’s not really Steam related.

I finally completed it over the weekend. I went to the time trials and racing ghosts an such.

I don’t get some things. some guy currently leading Edge. has like 23 seconds on it. when I watch his ghost it doesn’t seem possible unless he’s using some form of cheats/modifiers my guess. the person I think is ‘Aleksando’ and i would like to know how he’s doing it, if he is doing it within the parameters of the game and not a modifier or cheat.

I started watching the time trial videos and have sped up my times drastically.

been going to this site:

they have a mods section and files to get the unreal editor running, not really any maps yet, one you run around on the freeway in, which isn’t much but a proof of concept.

and this site:


this one sped up my playground one by half time.

When I was picking up a new game for my PS3 I was doubting between Mirror’s edge and Dead space. as for I have seen, I’m really glad I picked up Dead space.

that’s a bit off topic, but a bit more on topic, i did get a trophy for running around for to long with an end boss fight.
Didn’t know how to kill it, lost all my ammo, but manage to stay alive long enough I guess.

Dead Space is magnificent!
both 2 totally different games released by EA the same time, but yeh, I dig Dead Space immensely.
So many times I forget to save the screenshots i’ve taken while in game.

I don’t know where some of the people that played ME come from when they say they didn’t enjoy it. Though maybe I don’t play video games enough to understand the way they think. I think ME2 could only get better.

That was what i thought as well, specially because i am not capable in any to pick up the pace this guy starts with in the first place, he outrunned me within one second, no matter what kind of move combinations i tried, i was not able to jump off the first roof before he did.
I saw the movie, i even tried the trick of jumping off earlier as well without good results.

However, i was capable of being fast enough to follow his moves and figure out how fast he got up the third roof by shortcutting out two other rooftops.

Ah okay, yeh I couldn’t believe it was posible to do what he was doing.

Looks like Pzypher is the one that is the gauge.

I just googled pzpher and i learned of this:

it’s from this thread:

what I haven’t figured out is how to jump using the door handles, like in Playground Three to get over the razorwire after the 2nd destination, a little more than half way to the 3rd.



I got 30 stars in the time trials so far!

i really hope they don’t change the physics of moving too much in II.

have been learning so much from the ghosts!

55 stars!

I went to a mall the other day an thought about how much fun it would be to Run it! Also, been having vivid hypnagogic responses before sleep.

62 stars in time trials!

I’ve been working on learning how to make maps with the mirror’s edge editor (basically UT3 editor), for mirror’s edge. I have a project that is coming along nicely.

this is what I have so far:

this is completely based on thisAxonometric of habitat 67:

I haven’t shown this to the other guys over at on-mirror’s-edge forums yyet. going to try and do a bit more before I do.


I didn’t knew you could create your own maps…
Where did they hidden this option?

It’s a hack. Someone posted a howto at the on-mirrors-edge forum and it got editted, it’s somehow problematic with the licensing.
the same someone posted a small 7z of the files needed from UT3. that part got editted out of the howto

I have the file that was uploaded but I don’t have the link anymore. if anyone needs it.

I guess if one has UT3 it’s not illegal to do at all.

Also, there isn’t a way to actually load the custom maps into the menu. One must override the cooked maps by naming it the same name of another map and putting the custom map into the user folder, then in the runtime menu select the files’ actual name.
The topic starter of this thread wrote how to do it: