Misa Digital Guitar

Nice one.


Hah! That totally beats the Keytar.

Would kill to get one! :D

But I doubt this ever goes into production and the price tag will probably be over 1500 eur, rendering this device far too expensive for hackers.

Not exactly the form of controller I’m looking for, but multi touch MIDI devices, hell yeah. Let them come! :)

Still sounds reasonable… you don’t want to know the price of some electric or even acoustic guitars…
But today’s touchscreen devices aren’t that expensive anylonger.
Here’s a touchscreen conversion kit for the Asus EEE pc for little under 50 bucks:

It looks like the production is done in small runs, thus the component prices are more expensive. I just looked up the parts needed to build similar device and I find it hard to come under 1000 eur for parts only.

Would buy this for 500 eur, but if it’s going over 1000, it’s bit too much for me unfortunately. :(

Please price tag below 500 eur, please price tag below 500 eur, please…

This is just too inspiring for me. I really want it.

Grep solo!

suitable smiley :guitar: +

= me being :D