I have a few ideas one is the LFO needs a phase slider like the one on the flanger. Another nice feature would be if the LFO had two targets like one goes with the lfo the other goes the opposite way. It would be nice if the track expanded for very fast notes, and when they were back to normal the notes would be changed into there respective delay times. I was thinking of the Q at the bottom of the tracks. And Q’n triplets also and odd time to.

The LFO can be controlled to start at any point by adding a reset command - dblue posted a cool image illustrating this (maybe someone can find it?), but the basic premise is simple:

Try rightclicking the “reset” button - this will write automation into the pattern.

Then change the resulting fx command to something else - 00 is the default (start), 80 is the middle and FF is at the end…

To have the LFO going into two targets, connect it to a hydra. If the hydra’s nine outputs are still not enough, add another hydra (etc).

Also, if you pass the LFO into a hydra you can easily swap minimum and maximum, and thus have it animate two targets in an opposing manner.

There are plenty more options. For example, you can also combine two LFOs using the meta-mixer, etc etc…

dblue posted a cool image illustrating this (maybe someone can find it?)

It’s over in this thread.

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