Misguided Renoise Edumacation

Hey all

Just learning Renoise - hammered this monstrocity out in about 20 minutes

it lacks a lot of things - but it’s so different from what I would imagine myself making that I figured I’d share.

Enjoy (or don’t)


(Track is Cheeze 7 Goons)

Hi antifunf, welcome aboard.

Listening to your track now. Really interesting groove going on here. Probably a touch loud overall. Balance of the sounds is good. I’d replace that crash sample with something better.

Maybe needs some wacky hiphop over the top?

Hey Foo?

Thanks for the feedback, I agree with every point you made

I couldn’t find a crash that matched the tone I wanted - I think that one is part of the default renoise set :)

Back to practising so I can try this beat battle thing whenever it happens next

Oh. p.s. Renoise = awesome :panic:

render selection to wav ftw