Missing plugin although it is installed

So, I have this song I haven’t opened in a while and now that I open it, Renoise complains that ValhallaRoom_x64 isn’t installed.

I’ve looked inside Song.xml according to the descriptions given in Cross-platform compatibility for VSTs in XRNS files - #3 by a-type and the relevant bits looks like this:

<PluginDisplayName>VST: Valhalla DSP, LLC: ValhallaRoom_x64</PluginDisplayName>

…and the file /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/ValhallaRoom_x64.vst physically exists on disk. Updating the plugin to the latest version had no effect. Inside Renoise, ValhallaRoom_x64 is listed and named appropriately underneath the VST entry:


Still, Renoise complains that the plugin can’t be found:

VST: ValhallaRoom_x64. Plugin was not found

What is wrong here and what can I do to remedy this beyond having to remove all instances of ValhallaRoom, add them back and then manually figuring out the settings for each and every instance?

I’m suspecting that the problem isn’t that the plugin can’t be found, but that an error occurs on opening, perhaps due to some backwards incompatible parameter or something similar. Is there a way to debug this?

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macos? Valhalla later removed the _x64 from the executable filename (no more 32 bit support), so Renoise can’t find it anymore (it doesn’t match for the supplied id instead), if you are using vst2.

  • Backup the original song.xml/xrns
  • Search in the xml for “ValhallaRoom_x64”. It should be only in “PluginIdentifier”. Replace all appearances with “ValhallaRoom”. Save the xml.
  • Compress all files as zip again, without a container directory.
  • Rename .zip to xrns

Also my advince, use VST3 versions of your plugins only, if those exist. Here such things won’t happen. vst2 also is deprecated by Steinberg now.


Thanks! Yeah, it will only be VST3 from now on. But as I wrote, this was an old project that was created before I started moving over to VST3. :slight_smile: