Missing pm's & missing replies?

My last pm discussion seems to have completely vanished since the board update, anyone else noticing similar weird stuff with messages?

I just noticed the messages that are still there are all stripped of the replies.

Perhaps a setting gone wrong?

I just replied to another user about this issue. Yes, unfortunately, private message conversations seem lost. I guess those responsible will be restoring data yet.

I’m sure the Renoise Team is up to date…

thanks for the message Raul, hopefully they can fix this.

For me only the very first message of each private discussion seems to be converted.

That’s indeed a pity. I didn’t noticed this while testing the converted forum.

But this unfortunately will be hard to recover and merge now, that the forum already is up and running and new content/new messages are present too.

If someone had some super important information in his private messages, send me a message. I can then try to recover the data manually from the old forum’s database and send it over to you.

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This seems a fresh start & surely things will add up with sum TiMe…in the beginning iTs always strange & might seem a bit odd e.g. nu software, nu forum layout…people will get used to iT (:slight_smile:

With that said; good bye & keep enjoying this ‘cheap ass’ yet also pretty brilliant DAW.


C’Mon Mr.Blu…u can do iT! We know u can (:wink:

hey mr.blue

new forums are really looking nice!

please completely DELETE my account, though.

many thanks & good evening


My msg still dont seem to work properly & Me dont wanna #spam anyone.

Give Me that neat little :::GUEST:::El°HYM::::: Exit, is all I am asking for. Thank you, kind sir.

I am sorry to read this! Yes, there are new conversations. Gathering the old with the new would be a mess. I would prefer that you waste your time resolving the final touches of the forum, the Renoise website if necessary and spend much more time on the Renoise software.
For my part I just wanted to recover some old contacts, something that I have already done.