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I love purple kittens!

Just a matter of time until some sucker says ‘purple rain’


punches alexstrain for even giving the option to abuse kittens

I love kittens. I’m not overly impressed by the world’s population, but the world itself is quite awesome. Rain brings life, and is awesome.

And I’m purple-ambivilent.

Purple and Brown


Aww, poor Alex.

I voted 1.

Violet, muave, indigo, whatever…

we drink pink and green caffeine
move your 80’s muff off my quadravision screen
we drink pink and green don’t matter
tough as shit if you have a weak bladder

kittens? i’m a real man so i get head from leopards

purple is for hippy earth mothers in velvet dresses - and oldskool monarchs

both evil cunts