missing VST: z3ta+_fx

There are 2 .dlls in my VST folder: z3ta+_fx.dll and z3ta+_fx2.dll which worked in the 32bit version but not in the 64bit version of Renoise. Anyone else have this problem? I figure, even if only the main VSTi is 64bit and the vst_fx is 32bit it should at least show up in my VST-list.
Z3ta+ had some sweet chorus effects for my SID sounds so I miss it.

Have you tried to rescan your plugin folders in the preferences dialog for the vst/misc tab?
Renoise perhaps might be lacking the entry in its database for some unknown reason.

Both show up just fine here with 64bit 2.8.0

I did try the rescan but I think I’ll try to re-install. Mainly, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t part of any “black-listed” VST’s.
I have Renoise 2.8.1 run in win7 admin mode.
I’ll see if I can get it to work.

Same problem here, z3ta fx plug doesn’t show up. Tried reinstall but still nothing…

Sauli, is it the 32bit or 64bit version of the z3ta+_fx VST that you have installed?

Today I’ve installed Zeta+ 1.53 64bit on Win 8 and the FX versions did not show up here too.
But they aren’t showed up in all other 64bit host I’ve installed (Reaper, Studio One, Mulab) too.

So I guess Cakewalk devs forgot to update them… :rolleyes:

They did, but they probably want you to upgrade to Z3ta+ V2

I have Z3ta+ V2 but I don’t think you can use the fx unit as a VST in that one :(
But shouldn’t the 32bit version of the z3ta+ vst_fx show up if I install that one? I think I at one point tried copy the old 32bit .dlls but they didn’t show up either.

Hehe, I just bought Z3ta+1 for cheap price the other day. It’s enough for me. :P

you should install 32bit version by using the installer. Also don’t forget to delete the “useless” 64bit z3ta+_fx.dll files from your vst folder. Then 32bit fx version will work fine in Renoise.

Great Satobox, it works!
This was exactly what my next move was going to be to get it to work.
I installed both versions into the same folder (2 installs), checking only VSTi for the 64bit and VSTs for the x86 in the installer. I then had to rescan the plugins folder after the installs to get them to show up, they didn’t show up just by starting up Renoise (the “scan at startup” is checked in the prefs and usually works).

Phew, Z3ta+ is still one of my main go-to synths. Even if it’s a bit old I think it’s great sounding, great presets for my needs and you know your way around the synth.
This forum has never let me down, great to see so many fast replies and helpful members.