Missing Waveform

Hi everybody, i’m using Renoise just a few hours (the nag screen says 70 hours more or less :P).
As soon as Renoise opened on my screen i started composing something, something way basilar anyway, but reopening the first thing i did i found among the intruments used a beautiful waveform called just “Waveform: Sawtooth”, sampled all over the keyboard (not just one sample, but every note has its own sample).
Now i can’t find it anymore. :(
I searched between the instruments and samples menu but i did not find anything.
Has anyone any idea of where these waveforms could be?
Could it be the evaluation time passed the 50 hours?

I checked the nag screen again: we are at 78 hours :P

The file is named: Bandlimited-Sawtooth.xrni

You can find it in the factory presets in the /Instruments/Synth/ folder.

3418 renoise-sawtooth.png

on a side note, how could he have lost the instrument if he has saved the song (he says he has “reopened” the song)?

probably he made some newbie mistake before saving

Ah, good point. I didn’t quite catch that.

Do you mean you can’t find the instrument in the song you created, or you can’t find it in the Disk Browser when you want to use it in another new song?

Do you still actually hear it playing in the song?

As It-Alien says, perhaps you accidentally forgot to save the song during your last session, or maybe you have accidentally loaded an older version of the song somehow?

Maybe the instrument still exists in the song, but it’s simply hiding somewhere (waaaay at the end of the instrument list?). Or perhaps it’s there but the name has been erased, making it difficult to find?

[quote=“dblue, post:2, topic:36533”]
The file is named: Bandlimited-Sawtooth.xrni

You can find it in the factory presets in the /Instruments/Synth/ folder.

3418 renoise-sawtooth.png

Yes, it’s that one! :D
Thank you very much, i feel so idiot. :unsure:
I was expecting the name of the intrument in the browser to be the same as in the instrument section.

The instrument in the song is still there.
I just couldn’t find it anymore in the browser.

That would probably make more sense ;)

I created/named that particular instrument, so you can directly blame me for your confusion, haha.

No hard feelings? :D

Don’t worry :lol:
Anyway, the job you did on renoise is great!

What’s the nag screen? I’d be curious to see how much time I spend on Renoise.

It only shows up in the demo version.

Ah, I bought it 2 years ago :) Used the demo for a month before but can’t remember this feature. Cheers for clearing that up.

Perhaps we need a special option in the registered version of Renoise in which we can “enjoy” different demo features, like “enable nagscreen”, “Disable song render”, “disable render to sample”, “Cripple ReWire”, “Disable Asio”…

probably the nag screen can be re-created as a LUA script. I could make it and ask the user to register the software by dropping some money on a fake Renoise bank account and see what happens ;)