Missing zoom lens - Loop Fine Editor

I just realized that the zoom lens is missing after I upgraded from 2.8 to 3.1.

I used this tool often to perfect sample loops and found it good


7860 Untitled.jpg

this is still missing, will it be re-added in future updates?

It’s still available, but only as shortcut (CMD + ALT + S) and in the sample editor’s context menu: Zoom -> Zoom to Selection

is there also such shortcut for Windows users and where do you find this sample editors context menu?

Its CONTROL + ALT + S on Windows
The context menu appears when clicking with the right mouse button on the sample waveform.

thank you for the reply and the tip about the shortcut, but it is not 100 % what I was searching for.

I had to look into the 2.8 manual to find the correct name-convention of the function. It was called “Loop Fine Editor”. I used to to perfect loops in 2.8