Hello there,

fellow misunderstood musicians!
(very first I want to say I am very drunk)

Ever thought of quitting?
Ever thought of selling all your fancy music thingies?

Why is it so hard to be a musician when you are born like it.
It’s not worse like be born in africa with nothing to eat but…

damn why is it so difficult.

I don’t need to be in the top of the pop lists all over the world.
but when will people notice your work.

Why would anyone throw a bottle of beer on your equipment.
while you have done many work, solved several problems to even perform there.

Sorry guys, just had a very bad experience.
Tomorrow I will hate myself for this post.

Going to bed.


No, very very serious no. The choice of struggling with your music is preferable to the denial of the creative force. Any attempt by yourself or others to block that force is desecration and the annihilation of your mission, your purpose. Destroy that and you are nothing.

Try again a different way. We need you.

this calls for a 163dB button.

an burst their stupid beer bottles!

my only advice is to not go to gigs that serve liquor. i would much rather be surrounded by junkies than beligerant fools!

i dont know… im yet to be on a party were they dont serve liquor :)

i think it will be kinda hard for me to find one though :) i would suggest to go to gigs with security personnel

EDIT: btw, what kind music do you write Drips?

Some scene of “The Blues brothers” pop in mind, where they played a gig in a cafe on stage behind chicken-fence and the whole crowd goes throwin beer bottles to the stage (regardless the audience’s open opinion about their performance).

I have thought of quitting numerous times over the years. Usually after a very bad experience.

I was collaborating with others to come out with an album. I paid the amount that was agreed upon only to find out many others didn’t pay a dime.

What makes matters worse is the end product -NEVER- materialized and in the end I felt like I was robbed. I am sure many reading this have experienced something similar.

Depends what you mean by notice. How much notice are you looking for? I experiencing great satisfaction when I create music so that’s my first motivation. I guess you could say it’s quite masturbatory for me. I think what made me pleased as far as being noticed, and this is nothing major.

I remember doing a search for Trepain on google a number of years ago and I stumbled upon a site that someone created in russia that had links to drum 'n bass artists.

Nice list BTW. Dom & Roland, Technical Itch, Dillinja, Ed Rush, etc. and I noticed my name with two songs linked.

What excited me most was there I was, some seemingly unknown underground producer with my name shuffled with some of the most well known producers at that time. I had no idea who made this site. No connection whatsoever.

Another involved people on a drum 'n bass forum in my home state of Florida.

Make sure you place your music on the various music sharing sites. Be certain to promote yourself. Maybe I am aiming low. Again for me personally it’s the hobby I personally enjoy the most. The little comments like above are icing on the cake.

This music making is as difficult as WE make it. I know personally I cannot force myself to produce. I have days where I can start 3 songs that are all absolutely different and original and there are times when I spend weeks without being able to write anything.

Have a little more patience with yourself or you will drive yourself crazy. I think most of us experience times when we are not as creative as we would like to be.

Do you have some relaxing hobbies that you engage in?

only weeks eh? let’s talk years…

i get so f****ing critical about my music sometimes and i stifle everything that i try to write. i will start a song, spend a little while on it, and then i will get COMPLETELY overwhelmed with the task. i will get overly critical about every aspect of it and decide “this is shit, nobody will ever want to listen to this”, and it ends up crippling my ability to focus or care about writing music anymore for the time being.

there are so many aspects to songwriting

the technical aspect where you wonder if you are up to par with your peers … but then you wonder if it matters … ?? i have never been a person to use the effects column in trackers very much (too lazy to learn), so i have always wondered if my technical skill is sucky compared to other tracker people. but now that we have vst’s and dsp’s and automations, a lot of those take the place of the effects column and you can actually do things more efficiently, so now i don’t regret not learning those (although i’d still like to learn what a couple of them do)

there’s the creative aspect, when you are trying to write the chord progression and melody for your song… and you are wondering, “is this going to sound too much like that other person’s song?.. does it matter ?” , and then i get into this whole thinking of the structure of music and listenable-ness vs. complexity. if i go and listen to most of my favourite pop tunes, they’re all pretty simple with a lot of them having similar transitions between chords that are “pleasing to the ears”, you all know what i’m talking about – beautiful music is mathematical, i guess … and there are only so many of those certain transitions that are MORE pleasing like that than others, to me at least… so my struggle is to find some of these chord progressions that sound beautiful like that for my own music, but don’t sound like all the ones somebody else has already written. but the problem here is you can get into some abstract shit, chord progressions that don’t sound as pleasing — this is not what i want for my music either, because …
when i listen to what i consider “good” music, something goes off in my head, a little place that i call “selection”, it usually happens about the 4th or 5th time that i’ve heard a song, it will be new enough to me to be interesting, but familiar enough for me to know how the song goes – this is kind of the meaning of life to me, i guess… it creates this atmosphere in my head where the current songs i am listening to mesh with all the other events of my life, events of the day and places i have been, things i have experienced… for example, listening to a new song for the 1st time on sunday night, liking it… listening to it 3 or 4 more times sunday night, once on monday morning… so now i am familiar with the song, and then drive to work on monday morning and listen to the song again while i watch the sunrise – bam, peak experience right there … i will remember this for the rest of my life, and i try to create these moments as often as i can ( i did it just this morning actually with a song by eisley called “telescope eyes”… never heard of the band till last night but now i like em a lot) sometimes i will have a string of songs all in a row , 5 or 20 over a period of a few weeks or months… but then sometimes i will go for months and months without finding any new songs like this… sometimes because i just don’t have enough time to go search for new music …

but the problem is that only certain songs can do this for me, it’s not like i can listen to a shitty song and get the same experience … so my goal is to make songs like this …

ramble ramble, if you are still reading this, you are probably wacked out. i don’t know how i changed the topic like that

To anser the question: A BIG RESOUNDING NO!

I love this shit too much to give it up. I live for that moment where the track I’m working on actually starts sounding what’s going on in my head … I think we all know that feeling. It’s like…“f**** yeah…that’s what I’m talking about”, and you could start nodding your head, jumping around, or whatever you do to your music. That is one of the best feelings in the world. “Hell yeah…I made that shit!”.

trepain: cool post. That’s awsome that you found random fans like that!

i/o: love those “peak experiences”. nice post.

It tends to pass over to my real life as well, not enjoying things at full “Been there, done that” and “seen it, boring as hell to try myself”.
Life has no more challenges you like and the challenges left were the challenges you didn’t like and still don’t like.

Only thing left is to support others who get stuck in a challenge you already have overcome.

If you are doing music thinking that one day you’re gonna be very successful, then you have great chance of being disappointed.

Do it for fun, share your work, try do sell yourself just a bit to get some exposure and the fruits might come. But don’t put your expectations too high.

My approach to doing music is like playing video games – it’s fun, but it’s not a waste of time - at the end of the day, I have something that’s mine, that I can share with others and that sometimes makes me receive emails from people giving good (or bad) feedback.

I have a DJ friend in Brazil that plays one of my tracks and he says “Every time I play your track, the crowd goes crazy!”

And that is my expectation of it. If I happen to get signed on day, cool. But I’m not really shooting for that.


when i’m relaxing and i’m at work doing my job, i have all these new ideas for songs running through my head… i can hear them as clearly as if they were another song already written by somebody else. but why can i never harness this energy whenever i sit down at the tracker? it’s like i totally forget all the ideas i had when i get to the tracker, it’s so surgical, it’s just a different state of mind, i wish i had a way to fuse my creativity better into my hands

Yes I find that highly annoying. I was walking into my grocery store the other day humming the most amazing song.

Just totally improvising and had all kinds of great things going on. I think by the time I got to the dairy section it was long gone…

yeah that shit happens to me all the time. i think i need to get a small digital voice recorder unit so i can sing out all my ideas when they come to me… only problem is where will i go @ work ? i don’t wanna do it here @ my cubicle while everyone can hear me beatboxing and stuff, lol… guess i will have to sneak into the bathroom

I usually don’t come up with any great ideas when humming or tapping my hands, it’s more like practising my ability to improvise. Whenever I have thought the melody I was humming was soo good I had to memorize it, it turns out to be not that good when I actually start working on it. I need at least a guitar to come up with something good, still you can’t be sure until the rest of the band… or whatever, play as well.

The most important ideas for me, comes when I work with harmonies and rythms, or modeling a sound. So Renoise is really good for getting the creativity flowing… some things are a hassle to work with though, might make you forget what that creative energy was about. I need to get a good keyboard with nice knobs… this will smooth some things a bit.

That’s when you grab your pda ;)

I think, everyone goes through this process when you’re thinking that no one respects your music or you get so “detail-fascinated” that you start a bunch of tracks and not ONE is good enough for yourself. You might start thinking that this piece of music is not good enough for anybody else and so you think you’re a bad musician and better search another hobby like growing plants or smoking weed.

But never forget that creating music is more than just a hobby. It is a gift! How many friends do you have who really like what you’re doing? I have a lot of people asking me, how to do this and all I can say is: "It comes through my mind - I do not know, HOW I do it, I just do it :)"

Of course, it would be nice to get recognized for all the stuff, you do but this is a long process and getting a record-contract for example is more difficult than in the last 10 years.

I know a lot of professional producers (Blutonium Boy, Sam Punk, Zany and even the Lasgo-Guy) and all of them tell me, that my music is good but all of them tell me, that it’s not good enough for a record-deal.

Well, that IS annoying but on the other hand I had the chance to play my tracks LIVE on a truck on a techno-parade and 25000 people were dancing to my music. So - at least it was good enough for them.

Of course, this is also not too easy to do but I am lucky that I know some deejays and they know my work.

One posting said that all you can do for getting feedback is to upload your stuff on portals like CTGmusic.com or present the stuff here in the song-section.

But I absolutely know what you’re feeling. Had the same issue a while ago when I had no creativity and thought all this VST-Stuff and my recordplayers where just a bunch of expensive stuff.

So - keep on :guitar: :drummer: :yeah:

I can see it now- your boss pulls you into the office to ask you what the hell you are doing… so you keep it in the bathroom, on the pot, and then you notice your bosses shoes under the stall next to you while you are beatboxing…

:lol: :lol: :lol:

i dont ever want to get popular or make money from this, when that happens you cease to be an artist. you become a business person* or entertainer. getting caught up in random petty bullshit.

its possible this way, i will be able to always enjoy what im doing.
thats all that matters to me, at least.

Damn Louis, you beat me to the shoe thing. hahaha here was my go at it.

In the bathroom beatboxing? Just make sure you stand on the toilet so people cannot recognize your shoes; I have had to hide in a bathroom a time or two.

Can you imagine someone who is not familiar with beatboxing hearing that sound coming from the stall?

Would be quite funny really.

Wow! You know that is the most amazing quote.

dont belive them, they just dont want competition ;)