Mix Paste In Sample Editor


For the loopmakers, the option to mix paste in stead of just overpaste would be brilliant, example of usage: I have set the snapping mode on to beats, choose two beats in the beginning and fade in, then two beats in the end and fade out, then i cut out the end and mix paste it over the beginning. Hey - presto! A perfect loop!

Can we have mix paste, pretty please with sugar on top…? :wub:

No interest, guys?

+1 from me.
Just one of a handful of essential sample editor features which would Renoise would benefit from.

Yeah, any enhancements to the Sampler are more than welcome.

Mix Paste (with fully customizable cross fade envelopes)
Envelopes on the sample
Tone Generators with subsequent processing abilities (Pitchbend/shift etc)
Automatable loop points
Seperate L R channel sample editing

etc etc

The sample editior is the centre of a lot of users Renoise experience, so it needs to be super charged to bring out its true potential!

+1 for sure

Supporting this idea. +1
Mix Paste and Overwrite Paste is essential and musthave.

or else - this idea will solve all same requests.

Mix paste has been requested trillions of times and should be implemented! Together with seperate channel editing in the sample editor :)


Mix paste has to have the following though:
Original sample begin %
Original sample end %
Mixed sample begin %
Mixed sample end %

That way you can do funky sample fades and such. Also, it might be benificial to have this in stereo as well.

I’ve requested this one a few times on the forums, in various threads… and I completely agree that this, and stereo sample editing, are essential. And, “Edit sample in external app” is not an acceptable solution to this problem imo, as these are basic sample editing functionalities… we shouldn’t HAVE to jump to another app to do this kinda stuff.

This makes sense as an addition, but I don’t think I’d use it often.
So +0.3 :P

Hmm… I could use it as a substitute for multiple layers, even tho it would be a clumsy substitute actually.

Oh yes please… :D

The sample editor could be really great with a few more options. This is very definatly one id like to see.