Mixcheck song thread


I created this thread for all people who want to post their mix checks or not yet perfectly crafted songs, different versions of a song, made in Renoise or any other DAW, to borrow an ear from the other users in here.

Please feel free to repost or delete your posts as you like.

Only the following rules for posters:

  • Put your version(s) within one post using a embedded player (e.g. soundcloud)
  • Shortly describe what you tried to achieve, for each version
  • Short info which DAW, maybe what headphones and speakers, too

Rules for listeners:

  • For listeners, be polite, formulate critics in a factual way, also add something what you like
  • For listeners, also post your listening setup, speakers or headphones

Feel free to add any other info, of course. The more you add, the more interesting it might be to mixcheck your tunes. Only one version is ok, too.


You already guessed it, I start with some annoying post. You might already listened to 20 different versions of this shit. My hearing capability varies a lot over time, and I am switching between two pairs of speakers currently, unsure which one are better for me.

So which version do you like more, or none of it? If so, why?

First one is more boomy:

I tried to mix the second version more mightweight, less boomy (more pop like?), unsure if it sounds already too harsh and light?

Mixed on KRK V6S4 (6,5 inch) and only 5 minutes of rescue on ATH-50x headphones. Might sound horrible on any other speakers, e.g. my other ones, the JBL 305P MKII. The singing could be also improved, was just a just-for-fun recording of a friend. Made in Renoise.

Great idea. I hope this thread stays free of irrelevant discussions.

I’m listening on a pair of Sennheiser HD-558 and it’s a great song you’ve got going, it’s like Synthwave going Trance to David Bowie…

The second version is very enjoyable, the first version is indeed too boomy due to the kick.

At 2:13 I’d try sidechain/duck the arpeggio about 50% when the vocoder plays.

At 2:47 I’d try low-pass the arpeggio (or turn down the volume) to let the lead guitar thing breathe. Actually I think the arpeggio need a bit of 2-4dB attenuation EQ treatment somewhere.

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Thanks for your feedback! Will try to do what you suggested and report back :slight_smile:

Cool track ! Specially the second one, haven’t checked on proper speakers though . Choice of sounds is great indeed . Is it renoise? Vsti’s?

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I thought we were all past mixing, now with the AI of smart:eq 3. Just kidding, but it’s quite a nice tool actually. When you’re kind of blind or stuck in your own idea of what a good soundstage sounds like, it can give a refreshing perspective. And indirectly give some pointers on how some timbres might not be optimal for the arrangement.

My impression is that #1 has more clear separation but #2 has better relative level on drums. Probably a bad analysis, but it’s my impression when setting psychoaccoustics aside :slight_smile:

An interesting technique to increase clarity is to sometimes mix with the mid freqs bandpassed, (400-5k?) and make sure it sounds clear and as good as can be (like an old radio). That’s where the bulk of the mix and “intelligibility” is, when setting the ear-pleasing bass and hi-end aside. Kind of an addition to the mix-in-mono technique.

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Thx, yes it’s Renoise, with VSTis, yes. Mostly very old arturia stuff as synths and stock Renoise fx.

Will add this thx. Once made an eq curve which sounds very like macbook speakers hehe.

I will test it. Hopefully there will be sale though…

I prefer version 2, it has a better overall sound balance. But I would boost the bass. Not the kick or the drums, just the bass. With headphones it sounds quite good, but when you switch to speakers or studio monitors the bass is weak. Or it’s just me because I’m used to louder basses. :wink:
At 3:44 I would also dull one of the instruments. If guitar, pluck and string play together it’s quite loud compared to the rest. But my ear is still inflamed, so it could be that I’m wrong.

This one? Seems to be a competitor for FabFilter.

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Fabfilter is a normal EQ. The closest thing would be iZotope Neutron.

Yes that’s the link.

Seriously,I don’t find significant differences between the 2 versions

Yes, I meant the company sonible, which products look like products from FabFilter.
This also might be useful for mixing.

Just a 1 minute snip, powered by U-He synths :badteeth:


Sounds great, I just love the 80s sound!

I feel the snare is a tad too bright? I’d try send the drum bus through a tape machine plugin.

Think the vibrato at 0:42 sounds is a bit much but it’s great at 0:48 with the pad masking it somewhat.

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This is clearly inspired by Madonna - Lucky Star (my favorite song by Madonna btw). Through laptop speakers it sounds good. Indeed the snare could be a little softer. Glad to hear something from you again, it’s been a while. Your tracks are in hidden mode again, right? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for your feedback. Yes, the unfinished tracks (all) are hidden :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This is a problematic one. The drums are massive, due the low attack on compressor. In context, the fatness and resonances of the sounds are ok. But if I change the drums to snappy attack, I also seem to have to fix almost every sound then for resonances…

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Here it sounds very good. Maybe it need a tad more high end.

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I listened to it at work through PC speakers and a subwoofer. Yes, the kick seems to be a little bit too strong. I don’t know which compressor and which compressor settings you’re using. When it comes to a kick I mostly use the standard Renoise compressor and the settings threshold -20dB, Ratio 2:1, Attack 2.000 ms and Release 10.000 ms. That’s a “fast” attack but it’s just slightly compressed. To my ears these settings boost the kick without losing too much of the tail. Furthermore I boost the frequencies at 1000 Hz to get “more kick”. I probably would go with these settings, soften its volume a little and boost the frequecies at 1000 Hz. Give it a try if you want. :slightly_smiling_face:

Are there any finished tracks? :wink:

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A gym song, of course not finished:


Of course. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
But nevertheless it’s an excellent track! I probably would add a few background synths. And it already sounds good on speakers, the kick is just a little bit too loud. I also relistened to “Hier” through hifi speakers, the kick is still too strong. I think your problem is fixed if you simply reduce its volume by 2-3 dB.