Hey there RePeople. Anyone here on mixcloud?

Looks a little better than Soundcloud for sets / compilations / mix-tapes. Share your profiles!

Don’t like MixCloud as it doesn’t give you a download option. Useless for sets/mixes IMO.

Damn hey. And here I was all juiced up happy to share my compilation! Ahh well… :) So… What do you propose as a viable alternative?

Well everybody knows SoundCloud but it has very limited time allowance on free accounts so not so good for sets and mixes really unless you pay for a subscription.

This thread runs through quite a few possibilities:

Personally I use either my own server (not use for ages though) or MediaFire. Although it doesn’t have any streaming I like that it doesn’t have any wait before downloads or limits per hour/day, plus the ability to put files into folders and share whole folder if you wish.

Although maybe Bandcamp would be more to your liking? Not used it myself but always seemed pretty decent…

I’ve used Bandcamp for a long time now, but I don’t want to put the compilations there so there’s no confusion there with my original work. I have massive hosting space myself, but I guess why I was after something like Mixcloud is that it allows for easy social network sharing. Long term I don’t want rely upon any 3rd part site, so I’ll have to put my mind to it and see if I can come up with a different solution.

Thanks kazakore.

Internet Archive is all free and has excellent quality formats. Upload a *.wav file and it will automatically convert to flac, ogg and mp3.
It’s a bit weird interface though and there is no good sollution for deleting your files.