Mixer Context Menu: Bypass Fx Not Ergonomical

Hi devs,

I’ve another little feature request:

In 2.8 the mixer context menu has been changed a little bit. You added copy/cut/paste on top of the
entry list. In 2.7 “bypass” was the top entry. I think you should revert it to 2.7. because:

  • bypass is done more often with the mouse, and there’s no button which enables/disables a dsp.
  • copy, cut/paste can be done by drag n drop
  • everybody should know strg-c,strg-x,strg-v , so we don’t need that necessarily on top of the context menu
  • of course return can be used, but if one want’s to work just with the mouse it’s cumbersome

AFAIK, you can Alt-click a DSP in the mixer to disable/enable it… or maybe it’s another modifier, I forget which but I know it’s doable.

We tried making all the different context menus consistent in 2.8, so that the same controls can always be found at the same place in the different menus.

Alt-click indeed works for toggling on/off and also Enter as you mentioned.

but cut,copy,paste is least important on all those menus and imho should be positioned lower. more important or unique functions should be higher like those ‘sections’ in the pattern sequencer or those dsp functions in the sampler view.

although there is some inconsistency in the instrument box menu. cut, copy, paste are lower than some more important functions and all menus should be like this one.

thanks, alt-click is a great hint. I know this combination from working with Reaper. Nonetheless you need the left hand for it.
Regarding consistency: oki, that makes sense from a bigger global perspective. Microsoft has the same approach for the Office suite.
OTOH I understand gmm04e, too. Why put the actions that we all know best on top ? But finally this is simply a design decision.

Think I’ll go for alt-click, return is somewhat cumbersome, though.

The right side modifiers are allowed to be used as right side modifiers since 2.8. Check the key preferences.