Mixer Eq

Ill just get right on to the question i have.

Is there a way to save Mixer Eq settings, i mean if there is not a feature like that it would be greatly appreciated to be in the next Renoise release.
I am using Renoise V2.0.0.
I found out i wanted to use the same Mixer Eq settings as i had in a another tune, and it takes alot of time to tweak the settings again.
Also good to have different Eq settings for different instruments. So to save them as a file would be a very nice feature.
I see I can copy settings, but it still is a pain to copy each one sepparately.


Firstly: Why are you still using 2.0 and not updated to latest?

Secondly: yes you can. Right click on the Presets are and select Save As.

havent had the time to update.
So what you’re saying is that it is a new feature in the latest release?
that my version dont support it?
because i cant find the Save option here. its just have a “copy settings” option.

See where it says “Init” for the preset name?

Click on that, then choose “Save As…” from the context menu.

Ah! THanks dblue!