Mixing 2 Renoise's Like A Dj Mix?

ok I discovered you can open 2 renoises, and more at the same time. This got me thinking about seemless mixing. the only problem being some sort of cross fader…

BMP syncing is no problem, if you write all your tunes at same bpm (which i happen to do anyway, oldskool hardcore @ 145bpm) that’s 1 option, you can also use MIDI Yoke to slave one to the other…

but as for a virtual crossfader that’s the main problem for me. You can’t have your soundcard’s MIDI set up on both, only one task. or it will moan with:

which is a shame, cause i was thinking of assign a couple of pots (my Evolution MK-225C midiboard) to both the MASTER levels. so that wouldn’t really be that much of a crossfade.

then i thought, screw midi - if you look at the master channel you get a ‘routing’ option.

what’s the chance you could route it to a virtual 3rd party software crossfader… or even better, some sort of hardware ??? I just don’t know what to do but the idea is so simple.

PS. in before ‘buy a 2nd PC’ - i want to do it all one one PC. :P

Well you can do it with linux and jack. But on windows. There is probably a way. Maybe two soundcards synced to eachother and a real DJ mixer?

i happen to have an EMU 0404 as well as a delta 192. i put it in and installed it today.

got renoise mixing like a treat!!!

but im using an 8 channel hardware mixer. what i need now is a bogstandard dj mixer with crossfader… i cannot stress how much fun renoise would be LIVE!!!

will do a video soon for you all.

Yeah… on linux u could have as many DJ mixers running as you needed.