Mixing Issues


i am wondering if in future these Plug-Ins could become a Native Effect? They are really, i mean REALLY simple but essential(!) for a proper soundmix.

-2 Buttons: Invert Left / Invert Right Channel
-1 Button: Force Mono (make Mono from Stereo Source (StereoExpander to 0% eliminates the left channel, thats not the same))

A very nice (and again simple) Stereo-Feature would be

-2 Sliders: Delay Input Left/Right Channel for x samples.

And a Bug/Question/Comment:
If you set the native Delay in Renoise for 0ms it creates a ugly feedback, i wonder why, because 0ms is 0ms and should not change anything?

What?.. I’ve never noticed that. Sounds like a bug in the stereo expander to me…