Mixing Local and Global effects. Can I do it?

When I reach a particular step, I want to jump back to step 00 but only 25% of the time. I have tried combining ZB00 and -Y40 in various order but no matter what I try, I jump to step 00 100% of the time. Is there an order of execute rules that is available? What am I missing?

I want jump to step 00 25% of the time. I tried -Y40 ZB00 and ZB00 -Y40 but the ZB00 seems to dominate and happens 100% of the time. Is what I want to do possible?

I don’t believe so, unfortunately. Hopefully I’m wrong! That would open up a lot of really interesting generative possibilities if we could have Zxxx weighted with Yxx…
I imagine it could work if phrases accepted/could trigger Zxxx commands, but pretty sure they don’t/can’t

Thanks Zen. I was afraid of this because. And yes, I was doing generative experiments! Thanks for the response.

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