Mixing / Mastering Headphones

Could anyone recommend a really nice set of headphones for mixing / mastering on?
I have about $300-$400 to spend.

I’ve done a bit of research but some real user input would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance…

I don’t think that mixing/mastering should be done on headphones. (much better for you to save and buy a nice set of active monitors.) But if you need headphones i would recommend a nice set of sennheisers. i have a pair and they’re great for me when im not able to be loud.

if you do master on headphones, there is a vst (and maybe others?) that essentially “emulate” speakers, on your headphones. i’ve never tried it, but it seems like it might be useful.

here is the link …

HDPHX - Headphone Listening Enhancement for VST

i’ve had my sennheiser hd-590’s for about 7 years. i love them, but whenever i try to master on them, everything ends up sounding way too bright on other sound systems. so i’ve learned to compensate and not turn the high EQ up as much as i think i need to while i am songwriting late at night when the family is asleep. :)
so the 590’s at least are probably not a good candidate for mastering on.

I have the same experience with my hd-570, but i love them too ^_^

they’re so comfy and luscious, i would never give them up for anything :D

Thanks for sharing the link. Interesting.

Weird, I was wondering if such a plugin existed just yesterday…

if you have 400 to spend on headphones then just buy monitors instead :)

Actually i think this is a “feature” of all higher end headphones.
High frequencies will hurt/damage you ears (especially on headphones) and your ears will feel fatigue very soon too.
If highs are turned down a bit you are able to listen comfortably for much longer.

Thats why i dont recommend “mix/master” on headphones, use monitors for adequate feedback. You can use headphones for jamming and songwriteing, but not for mixing and mastering.

Sony MDR 7506. Well known industry standart.

AKG k-271 - They rock!!! For mixing purpose

I use Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro, and happy with em. But only for music writing and mixing (1st statge)!
Then i have to listen mix on the monitors and fix all frequency and volume issues. And only after this i can master a track.

Those look really nice, just checked out the .pdf specs on them.
Think I may well end up buying a set of those babies.
Maybe get some monitors in a couple months time too.

jep. i try to listen to my song on as many different sets of speakers as possible before releasing a final (headphones, monitors, other headphones, boombox, car stereo, crappy TV speaker, etc) just to make sure i’m not missing something

OK, I am guessing you want to spend some money on Headphones because of your living environment. That is all good.

I would suggest spending as much as you can on headphones if this is going to be your main listening source.

All the people who say that mixing and mastering on headphones is shit, are sort of right… However…

However. When you are making the music, it does not matter one single atom what you make it with, just so long as you f****ing express yourself and you are enjoying what you hear. So, a sexy pair of cans to make your music with is luxury and great.

That is the truth.

You are going to use the headphones to listen to your art, from its source.

So…basically you need something which will be faithful to your input. The best headphones I ever used are Senhiesser HD580 with an HD650 cable and pads fitted.

They are very good. You will have a good time with them as well.

Aight… cheers for that m8, I’ll take a looksee.
To be honest I prefer mixing on headphones because I feel a much deeper sense of the stereo field than my ears seem to be able to perceive on speakers (even if they are good monitor speakers)

Well, there are many people who will tell you that this is wrong. The thing is, they are either internet audio nerds or professional audio studio owning nerds.

All nerds.

Seriously mate, get a really nice set of headphones and make music.

If you need to mixdown for a club because you made a killer anthem, just get an engineer on the track. Otherwise, you are good to go.


This man speaketh the truth.

Don’t mean to dig up an old corpse (what the hell?) buttaaah…


…Are the AKG K271 worth getting?

I do mostly my mixing/tracking etc. on headphones as I’m fortunate enough to have my “studio” in a corner of the house with the acoustics of a roman church.