Mixing/mastering In Other Software

After reading around the forums it seems like alot of people write their MIDI data in Renoise, but mix/master in other software. Can someone tell me the advantages to this? I know Renoise is limited compared to some other expensive software in this department but it seems like quite should be possible with it. Keep in mind i’m fairly new to tracking/recording.

Proper sidechaining.

…And layering tracks in other software is easier. For example, you have a bass track in Renoise but you want more depth or boom to it. You record the bass track in another software (rewired, renoise works as a slave in this instance) then you copy the bass track audio to a different track. This other track can be filtered and compressed/limited in a different manner, it may even have a distortion effect on it. You get a layered sound with two tracks on the bass, it is possible to do the same in Renoise but normally that would require a lot more work.

do whatever feels right to you. myself, i like to do all in renoise…

i master is reaper because it lets me keep an eye on the waveform. also, easier to automate things that are more than one pattern long, like volume dropping when its not the chorus of a song

Same here. Mostly because I think it should be possible to 99% there, if not 100% – it’s just me who sucks, I’m still learning, so my “workflow” is all about little edits and re-rendering. Should I ever get to a point where I start a song, finish it, then start the next one, I will look at external stuff again, but right now I don’t even wanna know what I’m missing out on because it’s just not an option :lol: