Just thought I’d throw this out here… someone might be interested. I’ve made a bunch of mixtapes (6 so far) for a site called Connaisseur '70 which I’m involved with. Although we’ve had a bit of a hiatus last couple of months, due to various reasons, I’ve just made a couple of new ones. There are some others on the site as well, not made by me, for anyone willing to dig around a little. Anyways…

You can find 'em on our mixcloud page, there’s two italo disco/disco/electro ones, one late 90s underground hiphop, one 70s soul-jazz/jazz, one free-/spiritual-/conscious-jazz mix & one soul/funk one. They’re also available for dl if anyone wants, just give me a shout in here and I’ll paste up the link(s).

And let me finish up by saying that I’m not really a DJ, I just have lots of music, but I do try to mix 'em together as good as possible. So expect some misses here and there :drummer:

Sounds good, will give them a listen at some point.

Quite recently found Paris DJs and if you like funk/soul mixes along with bits of jazz, latin and other world/ethnic music I would recommend checking them out. http://parisdjs.libsyn.com/

I’ll check that out kazakore, sounds promising.